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Retkiä: Price List
Examples of excursions season 2024
(max 12 persons + Crew)
Plan your own trip according to your needs. Add an additional service!
Wellness, Food, Water Action, Flying! 

Island tour 3h

(Departure time between 09:00 and 20:00)

 Includes towels, Eco detergents, Sauna sausage/drink.

550 / 670 €


Extra hours €120.

Islands and City 5h 

E.g. Saana, Keilankanta, Hietasalo


(departure time between 09:00 and 18:00)

Driving time about 3h  

+ anchor time 2h.

Includes towels, eco-detergents, sauna sausage/drink.


790 / 910 €

Additional hours €120.

Retkiä: Price List
Retkiä: Price List

Hietasalo island 22h

Departure time 12-18

Driving time about 1.5h/direction = 3h.

The ship will be placed on the sandy beach of Hietasalo.

The driver leaves the ship, but is responsible for the safety of the ship.

The island has a wide sandy beach, paths and campfire sites.

There are also 2 hammocks for sleeping.

Return journey the next day according to the schedule.



Price 1250 € (Max 12 people)

Retkiä: Price List

From the airport by water to Kuopio

Departure time negotiable 

The duration is about 4.5 hours + stops.

Includes towels, eco-detergents,

Sauna food and drink. + transfer drive.


1600 (max 12 people)

Iivarinsalo island

3 days / 10 people

Driving time  with stops = 6h (3h / direction).

1 maintenance visit during rental. 

With extra of 2 tents and hammocks, a rubber boat with electric outboard.

= € 2200

Week / 10 people

Driving time reservation = 7 hrs . (Possibility to change location once ig. Hietasalo). 

2 x maintenance visits during the rental period.

In addition, a rubber boat with electric outboard,   2 tents and 2 hammocks.

= 4200 €

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