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The best places on the lake

The lake sauna-cabin is now ready and at Your service.

It is BIG and perhaps the most beautiful Sauna-boat of its kind.

The Lake-sauna has everything You need for an unforgettable lake experience.


In particular and with pride, I would like to mention the possibility to stay overnight on the ship and the clear outdoor spaces, which enable the lake nature experience even for people with reduced mobility.

M/s Kekkonen offers You a pleasant and safe experience in the world's most beautiful Lake nature.


Experiencing lake nature from the 

Best seats.

Sauna, enjoying good food in the world's most beautiful lake scenery.

The small draft of the vessel and the legs of the pontoons enable easy landing and movement on the lake.



How to move around the lake safely and comfortably! No one needs to be afraid in the water!  The ship's large size/carrying capacity guarantees a stable passage and its double steering ensures arrival.



A Finnish sauna cabin like from the 70s, but made for modern times. The biggest difference to the usual "sauna ferries" is the accommodation option. There are beds for up to ten people.

The lake sauna-cabin also functions as a modern entertainment/meeting space.




Traditional and Spacious

Finnish wood-heated sauna 


Safely to Lake Nature

What kind of experience could I offer to my Friends here in Lake Finland?
How to navigate the lakes safely and comfortably?
Let's go to Lake Nature, even for the whole night!

JSK takaa vänäri (1).jpg


  • A qualified charter boat driver will steer the ship for the agreed time.

  • Reservations in advance! The trip is first planned together, taking into account safety aspects (no taxi operation!).

  • Natural values are given priority on the trip (ecology + everyone's rights).

  • Ancillary services can be obtained to complement the experience.

  • Minimum rental 3 hrs, maximum 1 week.

  • Number of persons max 12 in waters, (30 in port)

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Additional services to complete the trip:



Fishing guide:

Watercraft rental:



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Inquiry / Booking

Thank you for the message! We will reply to you as soon as possible.


Located on the new breakwater in Kuopio Passenger port

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