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The story of M/s Kekkonen

Järvisauna-Kabinett, M/s Kekkonen.

Järvisauna started in Ostrobothnia in the municipality of Luoto in 2005, when the undersigned had the honor of having his first contact with a sauna raft and a sauna in the nearby sea, in good company of course. The ship was a stable, approximately 12-meter-long concrete ferry of which consisted of a front Lappish-style house, a toilet-storage booth and a hut sauna at the back of the ship. 

It was the beginning of summer and the day of the school's spring festival. There, on a sauna-break on the spacious deck of this wonderful ship, I said to myself that "that's it". 

My vision of a Lake-ship


The design started soon after I first familiarized myself with a free 3D drawing program I found online. Soon, different versions of 'Sauna-ships' began to take shape. However, and only about 10 years later, I was in a situation, "what next? "

The version that was given the working name "Järvisauna" even worked for me. 

Well, the time wasn't quite ready yet, there were many variables, both in plans and in life. Only after Covid-19 landed in Finland and on the date "March 2020", I was in a situation "Go or No-Go".

Nature didn't give place to my common sense... "Go Go" and I took a phone in hand. I completed my pontoon order, according to the drawings, with shaking hands and trembling voice. 


3 basic pillars of design.

1. Security.

The sauna ship must be safe! On the water there should not be the slightest feeling of doubt whether the structure will hold, whether there is enough load capacity, what if the engine goes out!  The ship must not sway in the waves and passengers must have a clear sense of safety. Without revealing too much, I would like to mention that the safety aspect has been mirrored, for example, from the world of aviation through my actual profession.

The vessel is steered by a professional who is familiar with the vessel, and with the necessary qualifications. Weather conditions always determines whether it makes sense to go to the lake in general, or should we stay at the pier/beach. 

2. Lake nature

The ship should really offer the best places on the lake. Lake nature in Finland is a unique attraction. If we go to the lake, let's do it with style. The ship has especially taken into account spacious and clear outdoor spaces, which enable the lake experience, with its accompanying activities, even for wheelchair users. There are enough covered spaces, so even heavy rain doesn't hurt. 

3. Sauna cabin

The cabin is the builder's vision of a traditional Finnish summer cabin, with basic amenities. You can also spend the night here and I promise you'll sleep well. There are 8 beds ready and additional beds will be arranged. Cottages Mini-Kitchen has the necessary household appliances for preparing breakfast, and on the upper terrace there is a summer kitchen for preparing food. At the cabin you can find a (in more modern terms) a spacious composting bio-toilet. The sauna is spacious and it gives a *gentle* feel (LÖYLY). In the lake sauna, we bathe in the traditional Finnish style. 

You can use a wheelchair everywhere except (for now) the upper terrace.

Lake sauna, Lake Sauna-cabinet, Sauna ship,  Kekkonen?

I answer that everything is fine! 


Lake sauna is the work name for this sauna ship. This is officially a (auxiliary) trade name of company. 


Cabinet According to Wikipedia (Fin)

"a private, often separate meeting or office room located in a building, where guests are received and private events such as meetings and negotiations are organized.

Architecturally, the cabinet is designed for the open and bright side of the building, for example in a visible place of the building such as a penthouse or attic. The size of the cabinet depends on its usage needs and degree of use; there can be one or more rooms". 


Saunalautta (sauna raft) is a Finnish general term for a self-made cabin-like boat or vessel with includes a sauna. Around the world, similar ones without saunas go by the name "Houseboat or ferryboat"

Of course, the sauna "raft" category can accommodate a wide variety of tunings, but I would emphasize that at its best it is, not only a registered boat, but also an absolutely brilliant ride on Finnish lakes.

M/s Kekkonen. 

It was 2021 when the vessel entered the boat registry. When registering the vessel, the authority (Traficom) form had the section "vessel name, if any". There was no name yet. I used a big time to find out how ships are traditionally named.

Traditionally a 3-syllable female name! The M/s prefix refers to a motor vessel! After going through almost all the women's names in the world, I gave up and returned to the idea of a 70's summer house, the kind I used to spent my summers in. (Time of President Kekkonen 60's-70's)

The ship is large and stable, designed for Finnish nature. You can fish with it and you can have meetings there. Of course, the sauna must be traditional.  "Kekkonen skis and Kekkonen fishes, but how about Rock and roll from Kekkonen? " (Not so well known Finnish song;) 

Kekkonen is a common surname in the Savo-area, like Kettunen or Korhonen. And it's also gender-neutral, fitting for modern times.

In May 2022, the ship was officially baptized as M/s Kekkonen.

In Sawo, January 2023

Markku Räisänen

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